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I LOVE Get Thrive! 

I’ve been following this site for more than a year now. I’m constantly learning about what I can do to make myself feel better inside and out. In all honesty, I subscribe to a few different free health and wellness sites. I always try to read the newest articles on Get Thrive when I can. The other thing to know is that I’m not a huge online shopper. But because I trust this site, I feel like I can trust the products they recommend. I don’t know how else to put it, but between their online shop and their website, I have to say that I love Get Thrive!

- Kelly A.

Keep Adding More"

I’m so happy Get Thrive added a store. I love their advice. Now of course, I love their products. The only thing I would suggest is that they add more. 

- Beth

"These Products Are Great!"

I don’t really like to write reviews, but I will do it for the Get Thrive shop. I‘m a subscriber to the newsletter. I also ordered Dr. Campbell’s eBook (which I thought was extremely informative and helpful.) Out of curiosity, I clicked onto the shop to check out the recommended products. I really didn’t think I’d buy anything. Anyway, I wound up ordeing a couple of the essential oils. I loved them. After that, I decided to try the probiotics and I was not disappointed either. These products are great and I will continue to shop here.

- Caleb's Mommy

"Great Store"

Who’s a picky shopper? No one is worse than me. If I want something, I’ll go online and research the heck out of it. I was looking for herbs or something natural to chill out my anxiety. The GetThrive shop had an anti-stress kit that fit the bill. I also found a great yoga mat that was perfect. I love this store because they had what I wanted at great prices and it was easy. 

- Jill Hood

"Feeling Much Better"

I’m a subscriber to GetThrive. I peruse the site whenever I allow myself some reading time. I’m not a pessimist, but my friends would probably call me a worrywart. I try to keep up with health news because I’d rather be proactive than fall prey to something horrible. Last time I was on the site, I noticed they had a shop. I was actually impressed with all the items they’re recommending. The one thing I was drawn to immediately was the first aid kit. I’ve been wanting one for a while. I feel so much better that I have a safety kit in place now. I’m happy I clicked on the shop and I’ll definitely check back. 

- Pen Name

"Mothers Day Gift"

This year I think I’m going to hit the jackpot. My wife always reads health articles to me before bed. She loves your site. So, I went sneaking online and picked out yoga pants from your shop. I really want to make her happy with this surprise (unless you publish this review before and she sees it!)

- Ron A.

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